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Menu Sligo Fish & Chips

Some dishes are famous for the aroma and flavor they contain. Likewise, fish and chips are. If you are fond of trying different tastes of fish and chips, Sligo Fish & Chips is the destination for you. We are here with an exciting range of dishes, including Traditional fish like Fish Goujons, Fish & Chips, and Single Fish. Don’t worry because we have a good range of chips as well, including Potato Wedges, Taco Chips, Bacon Cheese Chips, Garlic Cheese Chips, and so forth. Feel like your cravings are asking for kebabs? If yes, we have Mixed Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Doner Kebab, Taco Kebab, and so on. If still, your cravings are not satisfied, don’t worry and try our range of Pizza where we have BBQ Texas Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni Passion Pizza, etc. We have some specially customized burgers like Homemade Chicken Fillet Burger, Veggie Burger, Giant Burger, Pan Fried Fillet Burger, etc. Our menu is loaded with dishes as per your choice. Don’t wait anymore to have the dish loaded with spices.

About Sligo Fish & Chips

We are a Fish & Chips shop, located 4 Mail Coach Road, Sligo, offering fresh and affordable food to be the best shop in the area we have special deals everyday. We sell a range of Fresh Fish & Chips, Kebab, Pizzas, Burger & Chicken.Our app is right there on Google Play Store and Apple App store that will help you to place your order and make the customizations as well. Without waiting for a while, be ready to place an order for the most desired chips and fish we have for you.​

Restaurant location Sligo Fish & Chips

We are feeling extremely happy in announcing about the place where we are located. We are at 4 Mail Coach Roas Abbeyquarter South, Sligo, which means there will be no need for you to feel any trouble when it is about reaching us. You can also turn on the GPS integrated into our app to reach us. It will guide you throughout the track and help you in availing of the services effortlessly. If you have availed of delivery Services instead of pick up, you can track your order through our restaurant app as well. All you need to do is just place your order and wait for a while. Within sometimes, the bowl will be right there at your doorsteps.

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